The SHARP© Hiring and Recruitment Approach

Strategic Hiring And Recruitment Process

We’ve tweaked and tested our hiring and recruitment process over the years. It’s scientific, comprehensive, and just plain works. Using this process, we’ll get the right people for you.” (And we guarantee it)

Stage I – Culture/Position Discovery: We take the time upfront to discover the perfect fit.

We want to hear about your company culture, vision, and what makes your team stand out. Share everything from job descriptions to past postings, successful and unsuccessful hires, and more. We’ll then conduct 360 interviews to deeply understand your culture and effectively sell your positions to top candidates.

Stage II – Research the Competitive Landscape: The right approach makes competing offers irrelevant to A players.

Competition is fierce, but we’re ready to rise to the challenge. We’ll complete market comps, research candidate pools, and run sourcing strategy tests to ensure your job posting is a cut above the rest. Doing the homework others don’t is what will separate you from the competition.

Stage III – Differentiate You in the Market: Your eye-catching postings will resonate with top candidates.

We don’t just want to attract any candidates – we want to attract the best of the best. We’ll create eye-catching job postings that sell your opportunity in a way that resonates with top talent while tailoring our strategies to attract the “A players” you seek.

Stage IV – Actively Manage & Adapt Strategy: No set it and forget it here - data allows us to maintain the right real-time course.

We don’t just sit back and wait for the candidates to come to us. Instead, we actively manage your recruitment campaign, monitoring metrics across all platforms and revising strategies to optimize quality traffic and attract the best candidates. Our approach ensures we’re always one step ahead of the competition.

Stage V – Advance Your Hiring and Evaluation Process: We don’t stop with attracting top talent; we strengthen your hiring process.
We’re not just about finding great candidates – we’re about helping you improve your hiring and evaluation process for the long term. From initial phone interviews to joint screenings, we’ll incorporate proven components like Chemistry and Behavioral Interviews, Cognitive, Behavioral & Technical Assessments, and Negotiating Assistance to enhance the candidate experience and minimize the risk of bad hires. And we’ll partner with your team throughout the process to ensure you gain valuable skills for future recruitment success.

In short, our SHARP Approach is a comprehensive, tailored, and proactive strategy that sharpens your recruitment efforts and helps you stand out in a crowded market.

We’ll help you find the best talent and take your team to the next level.