“Our company has grown quite a bit in the last several years and RTP has been really instrumental in finding the right people each time for every position. Today 90% of our team members in the office have come through RTP and they’ve been a perfect fit.”

John Arndt
President, DWC Construction

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“The main way that we’ve benefited from the RTP process is by just having people who are good culture fits. And our team has been able to jump two to three extra levels.”

Michael Purifoy
Partner & Wealth Advisor, SageSpring Wealth Partners

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“If I picked up the phone and called Hank today and said I’m looking for something, he already knows who we are, what we stand for and he’s not going to send somebody he knows won’t fit us. And to me that’s so different than other recruiting companies. When we need somebody, our process is to turn to RTP.”

Adam Ingram
Owner, IES-Ingram Express Services

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“If you need to get back some hours in the day and have people who are much more qualified help with the process, they’re a wonderful resource, they’re great people, super easy to work with, responsive and just really help streamline the process and make something that could be very painful, not painful at all.”

Katy Phillips
Ops Manager, IT Voice Nashville

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“RTP really helped me in the interview process. It’s totally worth it. If you’re looking to build an organization or team, the foundational building block is hiring the right people.”

James Ridley
Financial Advisor, SageSpring Wealth Partners

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