Why Choose Us?

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Wishing there was a better hiring solution…

If you’re here it’s likely that your current recruiting strategy is falling short and before today it seemed like the only other option was to pay a costly recruiter and hope for the best. RTP offers a revolutionary new approach to recruiting that’s more scientific and comprehensive than what’s been available in the past. Clients call us the “best kept secret.” Try us on one hire and you’ll never want to go back to the old ways of recruiting.

Earned Project Fee/Pass Savings on to You!

Traditional Recruiters contractually commit you to a fee of 20% regardless of the actual expenses incurred. With RTP’s “Consultant Recruiter” Solution we’ll work from an agreed upon project cap, keep you updated with detailed reports, and deliver a successful project with a recap detailing the actual expenses.

Average project fee: 8.7% turnkey.

Project Completion Commitment

Traditional recruiters require you to contractually commit but they don’t reciprocate with a commitment to see your project through to a successful outcome. With the RTP Consultant Recruiter we make a commitment to you to see your project through to successful completion no matter how challenging it proves to be.

Average project duration: 10.5 weeks
(Range = 2.3 – 22.6 weeks)

The Comprehensive Solution with a 6-Month Guarantee

Traditional recruiters only get paid if you hire their candidate which leads to a conflict of interests in helping you fully evaluate them. We’re not commissioned, and we stand behind our projects with a 6-month guarantee. So, we’re just as invested as you are to make sure you’re hiring the right person. And we have the expertise to improve your branding, upgrade your hiring process and provide tools like composite (cognitive & behavioral) assessments and certified behavioral interviewing to ensure the right hire. Traditional Recruiters by contrast provide little more than initial screening and pitching some candidates.

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