What’s your process?
Our 5-Step Process
  1. Discovery – Collect all pertinent information to develop an effective strategy and messaging to attract top candidates. Information includes job descriptions, base survey questions, management/employee interviews, candidate research, and competitive postings analysis.
  2. Opportunity Brochure –Create messaging that resonates with the target audience and sells the opportunity.
  3. Recruiting Strategy – Develop a cost-effective recruitment strategy that blankets all the top job boards and progressively employ recruiting strategies until the project is successfully completed.
  4. Evaluation Process – We start with our client’s existing hiring process and refine it to ensure it cost-effectively screens and identifies best-fit candidates. Resources include certified behavioral interviewing, skills testing, cognitive/behavioral assessments and reference checks.
  5. Negotiations/Hire – Assist with hiring documentation and negotiating offers.
Aren’t you just another recruiter? No, here’s why…
  1. Project Commitment – Recruiters require you to contractually commit to them, but they don’t reciprocate with the same contractual commitment. We commit to seeing your project through even when it proves difficult.
  2. Earned Project Fee – Recruiters charge you a set fee regardless of the actual resources required. Essentially, they’re automatically charging you a fee based upon the worst-case scenario and pocketing the savings.  With us you get an accounting of the actual resources required and you reap the savings.
  3. Comprehensive Solution – Recruiters sell candidates for a lucrative commission so they can’t objectively help you evaluate and determine whether this is the right person to hire. We aren’t commissioned and therefore don’t have the same conflict of interest.  So, we can offer you resources to improve your ability to hire the right person and avoid costly hiring mistakes.  We also offer a 6-month guarantee on hires, so we’re just as committed as our clients in ensuring they hire the right person the first time.
Do you guarantee your services?
Absolutely. First, we have a 6-month guarantee on turn-key projects to ensure a successful hire. Second, we bill monthly for our work and have a money-back guarantee on our services. We’ll simply dismiss any portion or the invoice in its entirety if you’re not happy with our services.
What types of hires are you best suited to address?

Most of our turn-key projects are office, management, supervision, sales, and skilled-hourly hires. Pay ranges from $14/hour to 6-figure salaries but most hires are within the $50K to $90K range for annual compensation.

How do you charge for your services?
As consultants we provide clients a monthly invoice with a complete accounting of all resources utilized. Resources include our time, assessments, and traffic fees. Turn-key projects have an agreed upon cap which covers all our services. The average project fee is 8.7% of annual compensation versus the 20% traditional recruiters charge. Plus we’ll see your project through to successful completion at our expense if we exceed the project cap. We’ll take care of you!

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