Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have a 5 Phase Process
    • Phase I – Culture/Position Discovery
    • Phase II – Research Market Comps and Initial Candidate Pool
    • Phase III – Differentiate You in the Market
    • Phase IV – Actively Manage & Adapt Strategy
    • Phase V – Advance Your Evaluation Process
  • Phases I – II – Nobody else in recruiting puts out the effort we do to know you and your opportunity and that really pays off in phases III – V.
  • Phases III – V – We created best-in-class messaging and then work transparently throughout the process as your partner to keep you in the loop until we successfully attract and make the right hire. 

No, here’s why we’re different…

  • #1 – Earned Project Fee – We’re project-based so we only charge what it takes to complete your project and we pass the savings on to you.  On average this saves our clients more than 40% compared to traditional recruiters.  
  • #2 – Project Completion Commitment – We commit to completing your project while traditional recruiters don’t.  In fact, they make you commit to signing a contract to pay them, but they don’t reciprocate by committing to complete your project.  
  • #3 – 6 Month Guarantee – We have the longest guarantee in the business, so we’re just as committed as you in making sure we hire the right person.    
  • #4 – Comprehensive Hiring Solution/Expertise – Because we don’t have the conflict of interest that commissions create, we’re able to offer you so much more than simply pitching candidates.  And no one else has the expert the State of Tennessee turned to for psychometric evaluations of more than 1,000 potential leaders over 6 years (2003 – 2009). 
  • #5 – Market Comps – Much like selling a house, we research the market and share our findings with you so you can see where the market is and how we’re separating you from the competition.
  • #6 – We Brand You! – We brand you rather than us, whereas traditional recruiters present you through a blind posting that often sells them more than you. We also do more homework so we can create thoughtful messaging that sets you apart from the rest and to attract the best candidates. 

Yes, we offer a 6-month guarantee.

We manage hires from $17/hour to well into the mid 6-figures with solutions tailored to the level of hire.

We work from an earned project fee to ensure you get your money’s worth and then protect you with a project cap that’s a not to exceed amount. The cap is typically the historical 20% industry rate (which has gone up to 25% – $30% in the past couple years). On average our clients spent 12.4% in 2022 on projects saving them nearly 40% while offering them a premium solution. And if we hit the cap we continue with your project to successful completion at our expense.

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